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hotel house sonnenstein
hotel house sonnenstein
organic hotel near Lake Constance, holiday, vegetarian ve...
a room with doublebed and balkony to the eastside. you have a look in the garden.
here you have breakfast with a fantastic view into nature.
here you have breakfast with a fantastic view into nature.
wonderfull Lake Constance
room with a single bed.
room with a single bed.
next to the hotel you have the possibility to go on a hike
big double bed room with big balcony to the south and vie...
big double bed room with big balcony to the south and view to the valley of Salem.
Hotel in the garden
in the garden
Lake of Constance near Überlingen... about 10 km from the...
Lake of Constance near Überlingen... about 10 km from the hotel...
you can have your breakfast in the garden
you can have your breakfast in the garden
Lake Constance at sunset
Lake Constance at sunset
in the big room you can sit all day long
in the big room you can sit all day long
Lake Constance
Lake Constance
the Salem Castle was a monastry in former times
the Salem Castle was a monastry in former times
our library
our library
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organic hotel near Lake Constance, holiday, vegetarian-vegan bb, yoga, qigong

Holiday at Lake Constance with Yoga, Qigong and massage in the hotel Haus Sonnenstein. Small health hotel Haus Sonnenstein located in the quiet interiors of Lake Constance - with selected massage and relaxation packages... more than wellness...

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salemLage von salem
Organic - Health Hotel - near lake Constance - in the idyllic Salem valley - with high-quality health packages and delicious vegetarian - organic breakfast.
Our products originate from organic farming. We are audited by: DE-006 Eco-Inspection board.

And if you want, we tell you were to eat organic surround Haus Sonnenstein.
We offer relaxation with Yoga or Qigong for beginners and advanced learners on a daily basis which you can take part in. For 60 minutes each. You can book individual sessions of metamorphosis and Ayurveda or order packages prepared for you with balanced and matching exercises.

The following treatments are also relaxing and healthy:
Shiatsu, Dorn spinal therapy method, biodynamic massage, sound massage, reflexology, hopi ear candling and Lomi Lomi: Hawaiian temple massage, Aurum Manus: Oil massage using crystals

Based on the length and intensity - and the special quality and nature of the respective massages - the treatments are very relaxing and harmonising. Our therapists put their heart
and soul into the treatment.

At Haus Sonnenstein, individual packages can be booked at any time such as:

Feel good days,
Yoga days,
Qigong days,
Getting-acquainted-with-Ayurveda weekend
Back-massage days
Relaxation weeks with Ayurveda, Metamorphosis, Yoga and Meditation
Metamorphosis days, health weeks

We also offer holiday weeks with set dates - these are holidays for small groups:
Far-East relaxation weeks, Health holidays, Meditative walking weeks, Qigong weeks, Meditation...
We would be more than happy to send you a free copy of our brochure with offered services by mail or email.
The metamorphic technique is an advancement of foot reflexology massage / reflexology.
It goes beyond the intention of wanting to affect the body in a certain way or to treat certain symptoms. Here, the reflex zones representing the spinal cord on the feet, hands and head are gently massaged.
The ones who enjoys this technique will notice how relaxed they feel and how the vital energy is released. This energy leads to the healing process.
A massage in fully clothed condition (except feet).

Ear candling originated from the Hopi Indians of America and is a simple, versatile, heat and pressure-balancing treatment. We work with various candles that relax and harmonise - also good for colds, headaches, ear noises, sensory overload, imbalances...

The Ayurvedic oil massage is a relaxing full-body massage using person-specific special oils that are skin-friendly and warmed up. The heat and the fragrances give rise to an intense body experience.
Ayurveda is based on balance, the massage helps in guiding the physical and emotional level to a natural centre. Other Ayurvedic treatments available upon request (silk glove treatment..)

The Ayurvedic forehead oil treatment is usually applied when you have had prior experience with Ayurveda or you already had a session with our therapist and he/she considers that the forehead oil treatment would be useful.

The Shiatsu massage is based on the energy theory of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
In this treatment, certain points of the body are activated by finger pressure which regulates the vital Qi vital energy. A very relaxing massage in fully-clothed condition. The Lomi Lomi massage... and other relaxing massages...
Lake constance, surrounding and Salem
In winter, we always have a fire going in the fireplace of our library. Our guests meet-up here for a cozy cup of tea, to read, talk and play.
The Salem valley lies in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany, near the Lake Constance.

The climate here is mild throughout the year. Here you can go for walks, ride a bike and visit monasteries, castles, churches and pilgrimage sites on the pilgrimage path to Santiago de Compostella.
Or maybe you are interested in lake dwellings, the Pfänder, the Zeppelin museum or the Bregenz festival, the island of Mainau?

From Haus Sonnenstein, you can plan your activities in peace, in the low as well as high-season. Visit the beautiful Salem castle, go to the island of Mainau or walk in the back country. Enjoy the warm days in the vineyards and the shade in the various cafes along the bank.
Due to the mild climate of lake Constance, even the low season is warm - but not too warm. Especially well suited for walking and cycling between the back country and Lake Constance.
We would be more than happy to recommend walking tours that are hidden to tourists rushing through.

Travelling by car: ideal for the guest who wants to see and do a lot.
Directions will be sent along with the booking confirmation.
The picture alongside shows the Salem castle. The Salem municipality consists of 11 villages.
Our district is called Mittelstenweiler. The district near the castle is signposted as "Salem".
From here, we are located at a distance of about 4 Km.
By plane: The airport of Friedrichshafen is located at a distance of about 20 km. Pick up service is available upon request. Bikes and cars can be rented in the neighbouring village.
Room rates and massage rates
Room rates and massage rates

Rooms with seperated beds: from 39.00 to 46.00 per person
Small double room: from 40.00 to 48.00 per person / with balcony
Large double room: from 42.00 to 50.00 per person / with / without balcony
Single room: from 55.00 to 99.00 with / without balcony
Very large single room: 88.00 to 99.00 with balcony
Very large double room: from 47.00 to 61.00 per person / with south balcony
Apartment with south terrace: from 47.00 to 61.00 per person
Rates are per person per night including organic vegan vegetarian breakfast

Massage rates and time of the treatment
Dorn spinal therapy method: 30 minuntes 39,- €
hopi ear candling 60 minutes 55,- € incl. candles
reflexology 60 minutes 55,- €
shiatsu: 60 minutes 55,- €
biodynamic massage 60 minutes 55,- €
biodynamic massage / Dorn spinal therapy method 60 minutes 55,- €
metamorphic technique 70 minutes 55,- €
sound massage 60 minutes 66,- €
sound massage 90 minutes 75,- €
Lomi Lomi: Hawaiian temple massage, 90 minutes 99,- €
Ayurvedic oil massage / relaxing full-body massage 120 minutes 99,- €
Aurum Manus: Oil massage using crystals. 12o minutes 99,- €

Qigong / Yoga 60 min. 12,- - 44,- Euro
Other Ayurvedic oil massage treatments: please ask us.
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